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Miley Cyrus for ELLE 

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*pulls out phone* “hey check out this meme”

"woah, don’t you know liking memes isn’t cool???"

"aha it’s a metaphor. i like the meme but i never press the reblog button. put it in your likes but never give it the power to ruin your blog"


Emma passes away and Will is telling the story of Glee club and how they helped him meet Emma when the kids are all “WTF this whole story was about how you were in luuuuv with Rachel” and he goes to find her and holds up her old MVP award and they bang.

can you imagine tho

Mercedes sees a million romantic candles all over every surface of the apartment, and immediately thinks GOD DAMNIT BLAINE NOT AGAIN. [x]

I shall have my wings.

im gonna make a stark things blog 

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I have built myself
from the bones
of my parents’ weaknesses.
I have built myself
from the ashes
of those ruined loves.
I am more than this. —Michelle K., You Are More Than This. (via michellekpoems)
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John F. Kennedy, 1937.

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